Patient Participation Group Report

Dated: 24-Apr-12

The Patient Participation Group (PPG) has now formed and held its first meeting on the 19th January. The PPG will meet regularly with representatives from the practice to discuss topical issues, express views on planned service developments, and raise any issues which are of concern and/or will help improve the standard of care offered by the practice. The practice now has sufficient volunteers for the PPG but would still like to hear from anyone who would like to join our virtual participation group. Members will receive regular updates on practice developments and can give the practice their views and suggestions by email. Please use the ‘your comments’ section of the website to notify me that you would like to become a member of the virtual PPG.

Should patients have any issues that they would like raised at a PPG meeting they are invited to contact the Chairperson of the PPG, Mr Graham Wightwick, email address gandjwickwick@btinternet.com. Alternatively Graham can be written to, care of Glevum Surgery, and the letter will be forwarded to him.

The formation of the PPG and the work they have been involved in to date, along with the results of the annual survey carried out in February 2012, are detailed in the attached document and annexes.

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